The "Halkida Theatre" Association celebrated the World Theatre Day.

The "Halkida Theatre" Association celebrated the World Theatre Day on Monday, March 27th, at Papadimitriou Theatre, in Halkida, with a debate on "What direction is  the theatre going in, at such a  speed?".

Mr Yangos Andreadis, Emeritus Professor of the Athens Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, associate director of the University's Center for Classical Drama and Spectacle, Mrs Maria Vardaka, theatrologist, director and Mrs Evangelia Basdeki, creator of figurative artwork, performer, were the guest speakers of the event.

Mr. Ioannis Katsanos, teacher of Literature, director and artistic ditector of the "Halkida Theatre" Associaton, moderated the discussion.

At the beginning of the event, the actors of the H.Th. Association sang the Stasimon B' (third Chorus Stationary Song) of  "Iphigenia in Tauris", the play which is to be presented by the Association, in July 2017, at the Cultural Area of Artemis in Aulis.

Also, the Cultural Team of Ε.L.M.E. (Secondary Education Teachers' Association) participated in the event with songs from their play "Brecht in the basement".


A pilot program on Ancient Greek Drama, and its importance on the formation of modern education and society.



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